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Breaking News!!! Andy Reid announce his contract extension with the chiefs Poised to become one of the highest paid coach in NFL history [WATCH]



Breaking News!!! Andy Reid announce his contract extension with the chiefs Poised to become one of the highest paid coach in NFL history [WATCH]

The head coach spoke about Kelce during the NFL owner’s meeting in Florida

In the wake of Jason Kelce’s retirement from the NFL, Andy Reid, the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, took a moment to reflect on the profound impact Kelce had on the Philadelphia Eagles’ locker room.

Kelce, a legendary center who spent his entire 13-year career with the Eagles, announced his retirement earlier this month, leaving behind a void that Reid believes will be difficult to fill

Speaking to reporters at the NFL owners meeting, Reid shared his sentiments, acknowledging Kelce’s leadership both on and off the field.

‘It’s tough for a couple of reasons. I don’t know who’s coming up behind him but he had a big voice in there.”

“Not only was he a great player, but he also had the leadership. He did it on the field, he also did it off the field, which was important. All those guys keeping everybody in line is a big thing. I’m sure they have other guys who can work in there. “Reid remarked.

He emphasized Kelce’s influential presence, highlighting the challenge of finding someone to step into his shoes.

Reid, who drafted Kelce in 2011 during his tenure with the Eagles, recognized the significance of Kelce’s contributions from the moment he joined the team. “He kinda took over things right away,”Reid recalled, emphasizing Kelce’s natural ability to lead.

Reflecting on his relationship with the Kelce family, Reid expressed pride in both Jason and his younger brother Travis, whom he drafted in 2013 while coaching the Chiefs.

“That family, I’ve become close with it,”Reid remarked fondly. “Tremendous players, and Jason is a great leader – emotional player, brings that to the table, and has done so for a long time.”

Reid’s admiration for Kelce extended beyond the football field, acknowledging the toll the game takes on players’ bodies and expressing support for Kelce’s decision to retire.

“My hat goes off to him,”Reid said, acknowledging Kelce’s achievements and the sacrifices he made throughout his career.

Notably, Jason played a pivotal role in convincing Reid to take a chance on his brother Travis, despite initial reservations.

Reid recalled reaching out to Jason before the draft, seeking his approval before selecting Travis.

Jason’s endorsement played a significant role in Reid’s decision, showcasing the bond between coach and player.

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