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Breaking News: As Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Drops Two new secret weapon for next season’s major kickoff rule change



Breaking News: As Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Drops Two new secret weapon for next season’s major kickoff rule change.

The Kansas City Chiefs just made a fascinating roster move.

The reigning, back-to-back Super Bowl champions have reportedly agreed a deal to sign former Welsh rugby union star Louis Rees-Zammit, who quit his previous sport in January to pursue a dream career in the NFL.

Lightning quick Rees-Zammit is 6ft 3in, weighs 200lbs, and is widely expected to play wide receiver or running back.

However, according to one NFL Insider, the 23-year-old is also set to be involved in the Chiefs’ kickoffs next season as a returner.

The development that Rees-Zammit could feature on special teams is hugely significant and follows the major NFL kickoff rule change that was announced this week.

The new hybrid kickoff rule is based on the XFL model and will be implemented from next season on a one-year trial basis.

The change has been made to reduce the number of high-speed collisions and increase the number of returns.

Essentially, returners will be afforded way more space than ever before, with the kicking unit lining up at the opposing team’s 40-yard line.

The receiving team lines up between their own 35- and 30-yard lines, but crucially both the kicking and receiving team’s players cannot move until the kick has hit the ground or a player is in the ‘landing zone’ – between the goal line and the 20-yard line – or the end zone.

However, the returner(s), potentially Rees-Zammit, is permitted to move at any time before or during the kickoff.

Under the new kickoff rule, he would therefore face significantly less immediate pressure and tons more open field to run into.

Rees-Zammit has shown over his rugby career how easily he is able to eat up ground by putting on the afterburners, and that raw pace could see him gain significant yardage in kickoff situations for the Chiefs next season.

Bringing in someone with the Welshman’s skillset after such a major overhaul to the rules is an incredibly savvy move on the Chiefs’ part.

Head coach Andy Reid could well have a secret weapon on his hands on special teams next season that every other team failed to move on.

After the news was announced, highlights of Rees-Zammit’s rugby career went viral and showed not only how fast he is but how deadly he is in the open field.

Fans connected the dots and commented how effective he could be as a returner next season.

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