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Breaking news : Tom Brady heartbroken as ex-wife Gisele Bündchen got pregnant for Kanye West – 2 weeks gone



Breaking news : Tom Brady heartbroken as ex-wife Gisele Bündchen got pregnant for Kanye West – 2 weeks gone.

With this possible new development of the potential Tom Brady romance with Kim Kardashian, we understand what Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy was saying about the former QB dating the famous socialite. One of the most inevitable scenarios was that Kim’s baby daddy would somehow end up getting involved in this possible relationship.

Thus far, nobody has confirmed if the rumors of Tom Brady possibly dating Kim Kardashian are true. When Pete Davidson started dating Kim Kardashian, the wounds in Kanye West were fresh and his potentially poor reaction could be understood from a certain perspective. But now that he is already married to someone else, being jealous doesn’t add up to this narrative.

Kanye West is jealous of Tom Brady

The folks at Entertainment Tonight reported they spoke to a source close to Kanye West and they revealed that the rapper is actually jealous of Tom Brady. When entrepeneur Michael Rubin organized his Fourth of July White party, there were strong rumors that Brady and Kardashian hung out for an extended period of time. However, Rubin himself claims there is no truth to any of it. Kanye West’s reaction according to this report is unsubstantiated because Kim and Tom are not interested in any type of romantic involvement at the moment. Brady was even linked to Emily Ratajkowski as the woman who spent the most time with Tom during that party.

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Just the thought of Kanye West writing diss songs against Tom Brady would leave a bad after taste for anybody who thinks about this. On either side, Tom Brady needs to look elsewhere when he starts looking for love again. Whereas Kanye West needs to look at the woman he recently married and take care of that relationship. It’s highly likely Tom Brady is mature about this and makes the most logical decision. Although we can’t say the same for Kanye West, whose behavior has been nothing but erratic for the past couple of years.

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