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Chiefs: Andy Reid and Travis Kelce Fight AGAIN During FIRST Practice in Las Vegas after Super Bowl LVIII Win



The most drama coming out of Kansas City Chiefs training camp this year isn’t how good Patrick Mahomes looks on the field — it’s an altercation between Travis Kelce and a fellow Chiefs teammate Jack Cochrane.

For those who haven’t heard, on Saturday Kelce threw a punch at Cochrane after catching a touchdown pass from Mahomes. The star tight end may have believed Cochrane made unnecessary contact after the catch in the end zone, leading Kelce to wildly jab at the linebacker. A small practice brawl ensued with players trying to break Kelce and Cochrane up.

Following Kelce’s antics, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid fired a warning shot at Kelce:

““You get thrown out of games doing it, you get hurt out here doing it. But they’re going to jaw. It’s hot, humid. They’re going to jaw a little bit. Just as long as there are not punches thrown, we’re all right.””

Reid has had one hand firmly on the steering wheel of the Chiefs’ ship for the last several years, and as the team’s fearless leader, he has always made a point to discourage any type of fighting or drama that could derail morale.

Reid’s admonishing words coupled with Kelce’s internal guilt seem to have put the star tight end back in line. Kelce has let his emotions get the better of him only a few times in his career, mostly when he was just starting out in the league, but his unsportsmanlike conduct had always been directed at other teams, never his own players

Kelce’s outburst of violence sent shockwaves through Chiefs kingdom, who are praying for the tight end to stay healthy throughout the 2023 season. Can’t have Mahomes’ favorite target hurting his hand because of silly fight.

The few sacred weeks of NFL training camp allows teams to build chemistry in a short amount of time, and Kelce will want to prove he’s learned from his mistakes and can get along with both new and old teammates.

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