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Clark Hunt Reacts: Chiefs rank 31st on NFLPA player team report card, with Clark Hunt 32nd among owners



Clark Hunt Reacts: Chiefs rank 31st on NFLPA player team report card, with Clark Hunt 32nd among owners

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt in response to an NFLPA survey of clubs acknowledged his organization “can and will attempt to improve work conditions to better support the players,” according to Nate Taylor of THE ATHLETIC. The results of the league-wide player survey conducted by the NFLPA revealed that the Chiefs are “considered, by their own players’ assessments, to be treating their players poorly in several areas compared to other teams in the league,” with the team “ranking 29th of 32 teams in overall grade.” Hunt said, “You’re always disappointed when an evaluation comes out and you’re not high. … Surveys like that are also positive because maybe they show you some blind spots.” Taylor wrote the Chiefs’ grades were among the “most surprising within the players’ union,” as they have been “one of the NFL’s most successful franchises.” Perhaps the “most damning detail” in the survey is that the Chiefs’ training staff “ranked last.” Hunt said the comments in the survey on head trainer Rick Burkholder were “really surprising.” He added, “The feedback I hear from the players about Rick and our training staff is really, really positive. That didn’t mesh for me.” Hunt on other issues that emerged from the survey said that the Chiefs “should have a larger charter for road games to accommodate more players” since the survey said that less than 50% of players “felt they have enough room to be comfortable.” He also said that he realizes the Chiefs have “outgrown the 75,000 square-foot, three-story office space of their facility,” which was built in 1991 (THE ATHLETIC, 3/29).

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