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Kansas City Chiefs’ Coach Andy Reid, Celebrates 43rd Wedding Anniversary with Wife Tammy, as they Receive Precious and Priceless Gifts from Numerous Chiefs Players



In an incredibly lucky twist of fate, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has more than one love to last a lifetime. In addition to football, the perpetual red jacket-wearing team leader has been wed to the same woman since the 1980s.

Who is Andy’s wife who has been by his side through the many ups and downs of his NFL coaching career — as well as enduring an unthinkable personal tragedy together? Does the couple have any children? Here’s what we know about Andy’s wife and family.

Andy Reid converted to Mormonism for his wife before they wed.
The one-day prolific Chiefs coach met his future wife Tammy while attending Brigham Young University in the early 1980s. Tammy had a crush on Andy first, saying, “I wanted him to ask me out but he wouldn’t ask me out so I finally goaded him into asking me out and we played racquetball for our first date.”

Andy soon fell hard for Tammy. Before they said “I do” in 1981, he decided to make his future in-laws happy and converted to Mormonism, per People.

Now, all these years later, quite adorably, Andy still considers Tammy to be his “girlfriend.” In 2020, he said, “I’ve been … with her for about 40 years now. Every day is a special day, I’m telling ya. I call her my girlfriend for that reason. You never lose interest if you do that, right, you guys out there? Call them your girlfriend and you always do special things for them.”

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