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News Update: Kim Kardashian Thinks Travis Kelce Is ‘under Taylor Swift’s Emotional Spell Or Love Charms ” And Their love And All The public And Private Romance ‘won’t last Longer’



There are no indications that Kim and Taylor will ever get over their longstanding conflict. When Taylor brought up the conflict in TIME Magazine last year, there were rumors that Kim was seeking “revenge.”Kim is enraged beyond measure, and she has devised a scheme to exact revenge on Travis and Taylor by utilizing her connections in the sports industry, an insider told Heat Magazine. Kim finds it unbelievable that after she had severed ties with Taylor, she would suddenly turn against her and be prepared for battle.

Now, an exclusive Tarot reading done for The Mirror by celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman suggests that Kim doesn’t think Taylor and Travis’ love is genuine.

Inbaal, a psychic, revealed to us that “The Tarot cards reveal that Kim Kardashian does not think that Taylor and Travis’ love is real,”

She pulled the romantic Knight of Cups card and explained that this shows Kim sees herself as a love expert, “someone who knows all there is to know about relationships, especially when it comes to glamorous female celebrities and muscly male athletes”.

“This card features an emotionally expressive masculine figure, and it implies that Kim thinks Travis is engrossed in the present, mesmerized by Taylor, and that they are in their brief honeymoon phase, during which he is unaware of her true nature,” the speaker went on.

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