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Patrick Mahomes predicted 13-second comeback vs. Bills before getting drafted



Patrick Mahomes predicted 13-second comeback vs. Bills before getting drafted.

Schrager, 41, is known for being somewhat of an oracle himself as he has successfully predicted the past handful of Super Bowl champions, but Mahomes’ premonition was eerily accurate.

Mahomes, 28, made an appearance on GMF prior to the 2017 NFL Draft and he already had a sort of swagger to him, even claiming his arm was strong enough to pull off a 13-second comeback in crunchtime.

The 2021 AFC Divisional Championship game has been dubbed “13 seconds” because that’s all the time Mahomes needed to set up Harrison Butker for a field goal that forced overtime, where the Chiefs won with a touchdown pass to Travis Kelce.

Not 12 or 14 seconds, but 13. Mahomes throwing out that number and actually coming through a couple of years later will forever be iconic.

He is currently preparing to attempt the impossible, completing the Super Bowl three-peat, which has never been done before.

Should Mahomes lead the Chiefs to three straight tiles and four in six years, some fans might start to consider him the greatest of all time.

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