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“Romantic Gesture: Jason Kelce and Kylie Celebrate Wedding Anniversary, Jason Makes Heartfelt Toast to His Beautiful Wife: ‘You Are the Most Beautiful Thing That Has Happened to Me, I Bless the Day I Met You'”



Ever go on a dating app with the hopes of finding your soul mate? For some, it’s the dream. For Jason Kelce and his wife, Kylie Kelce, it’s reality. If you’re a football fan, you’re probably quite familiar with Jason Kelce. The 35-year-old center has played for the Philadelphia Eagles since 2011, and he has one Super Bowl win and six Pro Bowl selections to his name. Beyond his success on the field, fans are equally invested in his personal life too. His brother, Travis Kelce, plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, and the two made headlines when they took their endearing brotherly rivalry to Super Bowl LVII. (Their mother, Donna Kelce, also became a household name.)

There’s also heightened interest in Jason Kelce’s wife. So, who is Kylie Kelce? Together, Jason and Kylie have three daughters together. In fact, you might recall that Kylie brought her doctors to the Super Bowl in 2023, as she was 38 weeks along with their youngest.

Here, we break down everything to know about Jason Kelce, his wife Kylie, and their love story. Plus, we look back on the sweet details from their 2018 wedding day.

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