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Taylor Swift’s mom goes viral as she’s proudly watching her daughter at the…



Taylor Swift’s mom goes viral as she’s proudly watching her daughter at the…

The video, which was taken by Reagan Baylee of the Swiftie School podcast, shows Andrea staring lovingly at her daughter through a glass door as Taylor poses for photographers in a glamorous blue cutout ballgown.

Andrea is so excited to see Taylor’s big moment that her mouth actually falls open at one point!

Baylee captioned the video, “Her mama is watching her so proudly.”

Taylor’s mom is a longtime fan-favorite among Swifties, who took to the video’s comments to show their love.

“I feel like Mama Swift will be your friend’s mom whose house smells amazing from fresh cookies she just baked for Tay and her friends that come over,” one comment reads.

“I mean how wild for her to look at her little baby daughter and see what she has created,” another commenter wrote.

I’ve gone to several of shows over the years, and her mother is always there and recording with her iPhone as if Taylor hasn’t done this 100,000 times before,” Baylee told TODAY.

Later on, the podcaster approached Andrea with a letter she had written to Taylor, and the proud mama took the note saying that the pop star would “cherish it forever.”

“She was beyond friendly and had a full-blown conversation with my boyfriend and I,” Baylee said. “It really speaks volumes about what kind of person she is. She could have easily been dismissive.”

Baylee added that she and Andrea also made sure to trade friendship bracelets.

“Taylor’s dad is the exact same way,” the podcaster said, noting that he made a point of giving her some of Taylor’s guitar picks as souvenirs.

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