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Travis Kelce Is Staging A Music Festival–But Don’t Hold Your Breath For Taylor Swift



Travis Kelce Is Staging A Music Festival–But Don’t Hold Your Breath For Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce is known much more for his skills on the football field than his work in the music industry, but he has found some success in that business throughout the past few years. After founding a popular event in 2023, the headline-maker is planning a second installment of his music-focused show, but expecting his girlfriend to make an appearance would be a mistake.

The football player’s semi-self-titled Kelce Jam music festival is officially returning. The event will take place on May 18 in Kansas City, according to the event’s website.

At the moment, not much more is known about Kelce Jam than the date. The website states that the festival will feature “entertainment, music, food, and fun” that’s been “personally curated by the star athlete himself.” The site also states that the event will be attended by 20,000-plus people, a huge population for such a show.

Kelce inaugurated his own Kelce Jam in 2023 after winning the Super Bowl. The first installment of the now-annual affair featured headlining performances from Machine Gun Kelly and Rick Ross, as well as fellow musicians Loud Luxury and Tech N9ne. Hopefully, Kansas City residents should be able to expect the same caliber of stars this time around, though no timeline was revealed for when Kelce and his team will reveal who’s set to play the event in 2024.

Of course, the mere mention of Kelce doing anything in music immediately brings up one question: will Taylor Swift be there? The two have become the hottest couple in the world in the past half-year or so, and simply by attaching himself to the singer, Kelce’s profile has grown considerably. He knows that he has her popularity to thank for some of his recent successes, but she almost certainly won’t be a part of this year’s party.

Swift will be in Europe at the time of Kelce Jam. She has concerts scheduled as part of her The Eras Tour in Stockholm on May 17, 18, and 19. That timeline simply doesn’t allow for her to make it to Kansas City and back to another continent in time.

The Eras Tour was planned many, many months in advance, so this conflict was unavoidable. Kelce Jam’s existence seems to hinge on whether or not the Kansas City Chiefs–and Kelce himself–win the Super Bowl, and no one could know for sure if that would happen until the game was finished earlier this year. Whether Swift will have any involvement–via a video, recording, or perhaps helping to recruit some talent for the main stage–is yet to be seen, but no one should purchase a ticket hoping to see her show up.

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