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Watch: Eagles Land Saquon, Travis Kelce Abroad Again And The “Bag Boys” Of Free Agency…



Watch: Eagles Land Saquon, Travis Kelce Abroad Again And The “Bag Boys” Of Free Agency…

92% ers we are back with another episode of New Heights Sponsored by Experian. If you are looking to build your credit without adding debt, check out the Experian Smart Money Debit Card and Digital Checking Account.

We’re breaking down all the biggest moves in NFL free agency so far, talking about Travis Kelce’s latest Trip abroad, what Jason kelce’s been up to in his first week since retirement and so much more!

But first , Jason kelce and Travis Kelce react to the news that they won “podcast of the Year ” and “Best Ensemble ” at the 2024! Heart podcast Awards. The guys also talk about their upcoming trip back home to the University of Cincinnati. Stay tuned for more details!

Then we check out some fans mentions, first from Drew Brees who announced he’s sponsoring 13 scholarships for walk-ons in honor of Jason Kelce’s 13 NFL seasons. We also got a shout-out from”Forged in Fire” judge Doug Marcaida who invited us to the forge!

Next we get into Travis latest Trip abroad to Singapore and what Jason has been up to since officially deciding to hang “em up, including becoming Beau Allen’s personal Uber driver

And lastly, we get into all the biggest moves from the start of free agency, beginning with Russell Wilson’s decision to sign with the Steelers and Kirk cousins signing a huge deal with the Falcons.

We then talked about all the chief rosters moves so far, including Chris Jones records big pay day.

Jason kelce then weighs in on the news coming out of Philadelphia, highlighting Fletcher Cox’s Retirement and the Eagles signing Saquon Barkley!

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