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“We don’t want to see her” Angry NFL fans React after Taylor swift is predicted to appear on Travis and Jason kelce podcast



“We don’t want to see her” Angry NFL fans React after Taylor swift is predicted to appear on Travis and Jason kelce podcast.

Travis Kelce’s podcast has become one of the most successful in the world, especially since he started dating popstar Taylor Swift. ‘New Heights’ has reached the very top of the most streamed podcasts on every platform because people want to know more about his life with the singer.

All the more reason for Swift to potentially appear on the show, alongside Travis and brother Jason. Although the brothers did not specifically say TaylorSwift would be part of this surprise episode, people are already starting to speculate. Both Travis and Jason Kelce announced they are having a Kelce family special episode that is dropping on Friday. This will likely have special appearances from momma Kelce, poppa Kelce, and Jason Kelce’s children.

There is still no confirmation of whether Taylor Swift will be part of this special episode of ‘New Heights’. Travis Kelce did say it was a ‘Kelce family year end holiday spectacular’ and Taylor Swift is technically still not a Kelce family member. However, Swifties remain hopeful that Taylor can be the biggest surprise guest of this holiday special.

After all, the couple seems to be making serious strides towards something more solidified. Swifties were quick to theorize scenarios in which their idol would magically show up for this special episode. But we won’t know anything for certain until it drops.

This is how Travis Kelce dropped the news on his most recent episode of ‘New Heights’: “We got a guest episode coming up … for you 92 percenters for being so loyal and tuning in every single week and being such fans of the Kelce household, we have a Kelce family year end holiday spectacular. t’s dropping this Friday. This will be a revolving door of Kelce family members coming through to talk. We cannot wait to share it with you this Friday. It’ll be fun … we haven’t even recorded it yet. It’s going to be fun, it always is.”

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