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“We’re Having A Boy Finally.” Jason and Kylie Kelce Announces they’re Having Baby No. 4…



“We’re Having A Boy Finally.” Jason and Kylie Kelce Announces they’re Having Baby No. 4…

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce is expecting more than just a Super Bowl ring on Sunday.

Jason, 35, and his wife Kylie, who is 38 weeks pregnant, are prepping for the big game in different ways.

Kylie, 31, will have a special support team in tow for the big game on Sunday. “It will be our OBs, my mom and dad, and then our daughters, and then Jason’s parents, his aunt and uncle. And then we have some friends coming with us,” Kylie told People in an article published Friday.

“So in the event of an emergency exit, the OBs will go with me and our daughters will stay with my mom and dad. They are there on grandchild duty,” Kylie continued.

Jason and Kylie share two children, Elliotte, who is almost 2, and Wyatt, 3. Kylie told the outlet she’s excited her daughters will see their dad play at the Super Bowl.

The Kelce kids are also hardcore Eagles fans. In January, Jason shared a video on Instagram of his oldest daughter Wyatt singing the Eagles fight song from her crib.

“I don’t know that our 2-year-old will really remember anything, and really even if our 3-year-old will, but it’s just such a cool opportunity. At the very least, they’ll have pictures of them at the Super Bowl cheering on their dad,” Kylie told People. “I know that it’s something [Jason] wanted to share with them.”

“It’s just an amazing opportunity for our family,” she continued.

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