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Andy Reid REJECTS Potential Extension, Makes Travis Kelce RETIRES at 34



Leading up to the Super Bowl, one of the storylines was that Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid could retire with a win. Big Red had built up a legendary resume, the underlying logic went, and maybe the allure of going out on top could tempt him to call it a career.

But those rumors it seems are greatly exaggerated. Ahead of the Big Game, Reid explained that he hadn’t really broached the topic. And, with another Lombardi Trophy in hand, it now seems like he’ll be receiving a new contract, too

It goes without saying that would be a positive development in the Chiefs’ effort to extend their current dynasty. Reid has proved to be an all-time great head coach, and his offensive ability has shone through in massive moments. But at the same time, his presence isn’t an automatic ticket to future greatness.

If anything, it shifts the dynastic burden to Travis Kelce.

In the world of sports, coaches often pay the price for their team’s failings. As the cliche says, it’s simply easier to fire one leader than turning over an entire roster. But, in Andy Reid’s case, the bench boss has exceeded all expectations.

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