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“I continue to struggle in moving past Travis.” – Kayla Nicole



“I continue to struggle in moving past Travis.” – Kayla Nicole

Travis Kelce has made it to the big leagues of the power couple with Taylor Swift by his side. Their popularity has hit the roof, outlining their unwavering support and Swift’s cordial welcome into the Chiefs kingdom. However, at the same time, things do not seem to be working well with the NFL star’s ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole, from whom he parted ways in 2022.

Nicole, who has been considerably vocal about her struggles, following what she labels as a ‘major breakup’, has not found the strength to date again. In a recent tweet, Kayla candidly shared her inner turmoil, questioning her trajectory post-breakup. The post read,

“Ok seriously, am I gonna want to go out ever again? Wth is happening to me.”

The way Nicole was able to maintain a peak physical appearance after her breakup was surprising to many and made quite the chatter on the internet. This prompted Nicole to speak about her ‘miserable’ mental state, which was a stark contrast to her physical health. She even confessed to taking therapy as Travis Kelce and Kayla split ways after a five-year relationship before Taylor Swift came into the picture. Aware of her struggles, fans were generous enough to offer her compassion while trying to be hopeful for her at the same time.

A fan requested, “Enjoy the rest, Kayla. You’ll be ready when it’s nice and warm out.”

A fan tried to help by claiming that dating might not be much fun anyway, writing, “As you get older, it becomes less fun. lol”.

An accommodating voice stuck out with an “I like you though” comment for Kayla Nicole.

A fan had a seasonal take, commenting, “For the love of all holy safety. It’s mid-January, that’s why. Nest and relax. When March gets here, you will be ready to roll.”

The accommodating voices might be consoling for someone like Kayla, who valued her mental health amidst the struggle. But her tweet was not an isolated incident, as not long ago she confessed to facing a whirlwind of doubts concerning relationships.

Kayla Nicole Takes An Unconventional Path to Healing after Breakup with Travis Kelce
The later part of Travis Kelce’s breakup with Kayla Nicole gained significant attention for her post on Instagram, which was reposted by a fan via X. Adding to her recent revelations, Kayla shared a reel on her Insta story with a message that conveyed that she was finding it hard to trust other men.

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