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Jason Kelce breaks silence on the arrival of his new baby boy “God did”



Jason Kelce breaks silence on the arrival of his new baby boy “God did”

Kylie Kelce is highlighting Jason Kelce’s prowess as a “labor support person.” Sharing scenes from her labor experience.

As she welcomed daughter Bennett Llewellyn five weeks ago, the mom of three showed the “three ways my husband was a tremendous support person during labor.” The video opens with the Philadelphia Eagles center asleep on a cot and slowly pans to a chair, where he set up his own personal fan to blow on him.

“Brought his own fan,” the caption lists as the first point, adding, “Better than the air mattress he was thinking of bringing.” Next, she adds, “Made sure he didn’t miss a meal … even though I wasn’t allowed to eat anything.” The video shows Jason taking a bite of a huge sandwich. A beat later, he’s asleep in the same chair, with her adding her third point, “stayed well rested … while I was kept awake by my contraction and his snores.”

She concludes, “Couldn’t have done it without him,” and panned to baby Bennett in her arms. The next photos show Jason holding his baby girl, looking tired from the day. “My husband crushes the role of labor support person,” she joked in the caption. Speaking with PEOPLE ahead of the Super Bowl at 38 weeks pregnant, Kylie explained that her two doulas — who joined her for the major sporting event where her husband was taking the field — were there as her support system in case she went into labor.

“I know they can’t like practice medicine in the hospital that’s out in Arizona, but they’ll be my support person because Jason is of absolutely no use to me in Arizona at any time, even before game time,” Kylie said with a laugh at the time. In addition to Bennett, the couple is also parents to daughters Elliotte, 2, and Wyatt, 3.

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